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I got the job!

What an amazing end to a challenging year! I would love to say my love for everything sports, fitness and exercise related paid the bills but alas I have not yet found a way to make that happen! However I have landed the job which I have pursued for the past 2 years and will […]

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So…it’s been a while!

Wow! It’s been a while since I have last blogged! So much has happened in the world! We’ve been through a global pandemic and we are finally starting to see the light! Hopefully bigger and brighter things to come in the future! Watch this space!

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May Training Blog

So, I haven’t posted for a long time for many reasons but it’s time I started up again~! I haven’t stopped training though and you better believe it~! Squats and Rowing: View this post on Instagram Squats and rowing ~ #crossfit #fit #fun #fitness #squat #backsquat #row #rowing #couplet #metcon #concept2 #homegym #fitnessathome #athomefitness #homefitness […]

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March Training Blog

March, what can I say~?! The Open came and chewed me up~! April will bring opportunities to work on developing as an athlete~! 18.2: 18.2~! Almost headed out the door for this one~! On paper this didn’t look bad. I thought I’d be able to work up to 90kg in 12 minutes ~ WRONG~! Warming […]

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February Training Blog

OMG~! Where did February go~?! I turned freaking 33 and had some awesome training sessions~! Block Party: Squat cleans from low blocks~! Haven’t squat cleaned in forever~! Quite challenging to say the least~! Then some hang power cleans to finish~! Oof~! #crossfit #weightlifting #olympicweightlifting #clean #squatclean #blocks #rogue #roguefitness #eleiko #eleikosport #nike #niketraining #rehband #reebok […]

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January Training Blog

Wow~! Is January already over~! Dang~! Lots of great training~! So stoked for 2018~! I can feel its going to be powerful~! Snatch Practice: Friends is on Netflix~! Which means I can workout whilst watching my favourite show~! 2018 is going to be amazing~! Snatch practice followed by 8 rounds of: 20 seconds max effort […]

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December Training Blog

Last blog of 2017~! I did it~! I managed to blog once a month for a whole year~! What an amazing year~! Training has been fun and I am stronger and fitter than ever~! I think what I have learnt from this year is that if you want to do something you will find a […]

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November Training Blog

Training is going so well~! I’m really enjoying it and I feel I have settled into my job now~! The only way is up~! Power cleans, running and GHD sit ups: Thought it’d be alright on paper. Never the case~! 5 rounds: 5 power cleans at 70kg, 400m run and 20 GHD sit-ups~! #crossfit #metcon […]

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October Training Blog

October was great! I went to Vegas~! Ate lots of food and did some training~! Absolutely loved it~! I think I’ve got the bug~! Where to next~?! Cardio: 2k row, 3k @assaultairbike and 5k on the air runner~ #crossfit #cardio #run #bike #row #assaultbike #assaultfitness #concept2 #rowing #running #nike #niketraining #adidas #ultraboost #5k #homegym #homefitness […]

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