December Training Blog

Last blog of 2017~! I did it~! I managed to blog once a month for a whole year~! What an amazing year~! Training has been fun and I am stronger and fitter than ever~! I think what I have learnt from this year is that if you want to do something you will find a way and if not then you will find an excuse~! My home gym is not ideal but it has everything I need~! Almost…

No hook, No feet:

904 Power Lifting Total:

Bench and Deadlift PR:

Scaled “DT” and added run:


Another WOD:

Christmas Eve Cleaning:

Snatch practice and wodding:

And that was 2017~! Bring on 2018~! I am feeling super stoked about 2018~! Lots of big lifts to come~! I can feel it~!

Train Smart Not Hard~!


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