Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting also known simply “IF” is when you alternate between periods of fasting and feeding.

The Train Smart Not Hard approach to intermittent fasting (IF) is to utilise the 16/8 or 15/9 protocol. This is where you fast for either 15-16 hours a day and then spend 8-9 hours in the feed phase. During fasting periods you are allowed to drink water, green tea and coffee. Fasting starts from your last meal for 15-16 hours until your “break fast” meal which then takes you into the 8-9 hour feeding phase where you Eat Clean. I know what you are thinking, won’t this ruin my metabolism? Aren’t you supposed to eat 5-6 meals a day? Won’t I be hungry all the time? I thought so too until I adopted IF into my own lifestyle and found that not only did it help me to lose fat but also helped me to gain muscle. Also I found myself liberated from the constant thoughts of food which in turn made me more productive.

Won’t this ruin my metabolism?

The idea that Intermittent Fasting will ruin your metabolism and plunge you into a catabolic state which will cause you to lose all your muscle is a myth created by the supplement industry to sell you more of its products. Studies suggest that IF may actually benefit glucose metabolism, increase free fatty acid oxidisation, preserve lean mass, reduce inflammation and actually keep your metabolism strong and healthy amongst a whole host of other health benefits. Also the idea of eating 5-6 meals a day to speed up or keep your metabolism high all day is a misconception.

Aren’t You Suppose To Eat 5-6 Meals A Day?

It is a common myth that eating several small meals throughout the day will help keep your metabolism up. I once too use to follow this mantra and was spending all my time preparing meals and constantly thinking of when my next meal was and what my next meal would consist of and just was not seeing the results. Many people are under the impression that eating 5-6 times a day will boost your metabolism because your body is constantly digesting food therefore you are constantly burning calories through thermogenesis. This is a flawed logic because whether you eat one large meal or several small meals it would still take the same amount of hours to digest the same equivalent amount of food. The real reason it works is that it usually helps manage food cravings and stops people from binging or snacking. So it is not the fact that you are eating more meals and keeping your metabolism up but the fact that you are actually eating less and snacking on less junk.

Won’t I Be Hungry All the Time?

Now strict fasting can have its issues especially if you have a job or are a student due to having to deal with hunger pangs and low energy which can be a massive distraction and counter productive. The Train Smart Not Hard way of IF involves starting your day with a cup of Low Toxin Coffee made with MCT Oil and Grass Fed Butter to keep you satiated (feeling full). The healthy fats from the combination of Grass Fed Butter and MCT Oil will provide you with long lasting energy. The MCT Oil will also increase your metabolism by stimulating ketogenesis (where your body burns fat for energy rather than carbohydrates). The caffeine from Low Toxin Coffee will give you a mental kick and when combined with the MCT Oil which promotes ketone (fuel for your brain) production will give you a serious mental boost.

For more information on Intermittent Fasting visit Lean Gains, The IF Life or The Bulletproof Executive.

If you combine Intermittent Fasting and start your day with a cup of Bullterproof Coffee and Eat Clean combined with Training Smart Not Hard you should start seeing some massive changes both physically and mentally.

Train Smart Not Hard!