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A Typical Day

I am back again! I have been meaning to blog for ages but in this day and age with micro blogs like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram it becomes really difficult. However I made the decision to really make an effort to regularly blog since I get so many positive responses and so many questions! So, […]

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Sushi Time

It was a beautiful day today which I could not let go to waste. So, I went to one of my favourite cities in England, Manchester. There I enjoyed the lovely weather and ate at one of my favourite sushi bars called Wasabi. I ordered the salmon and tuna sashimi and ate mostly salmon nigiri […]

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Korean BBQ

I love Korean BBQ, it is such an easy meal to whip up in next to no time and it is an easy way to get some healthy herbs and veg in your diet. I used a head of round lettuce, some coriander, an avocado and for this BBQ I used pork cooked in grass-fed […]

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“Break Fast” Meal

Broccoli mash made with grass-fed butter. Rump steak cooked in grass-fed butter and a fried egg! Yes, you guessed it, fried in grass fed butter~!

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K-Pop Celebrity Diets – Kwon Yuri

This is the first of a series of posts where I will be addressing the issue of extreme diets that Korean celebrity girl groups put themselves through and why they do more harm than good. This first post will look at Kwon Yuri of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) which is one of Korea’s most popular girl […]

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Weight Loss Extremes

The final episode of the BBC 4 part documentary series “The Men Who Made Us Thin” aired recently and as always was very eye opening and informative. The final episode covered the frightening world of extreme weight loss products. The claims that some of these products make are ridiculous but what i found most disturbing […]

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Celebrity Orchastrated Weight Gain

Episode 3 of “The Men Who Made Us Thin” aired on BB2 recently and examined the weight loss industry. The lengths that people will go to in order to lose weight rather than choosing to Eat Clean and Train Smart Not Hard is scary. What I found even more disturbing however was the revelation albeit […]

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So the Crossfit Games 2013 recently passed and saw Rich Froning capture the title of “Fittest Man on Earth” for a third time which was absolutely amazing. It also saw England’s own Sam Briggs capture the title of “Fittest Woman on Earth”. The third time a European woman has captured the title. I myself use […]

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Girls, Lifting Weights Won’t Make You Bulky

If you think lifting weights will make you bulky girls, you need to think again! Check out the video below. Lifting weights will not make you look like a man. Lifting weights will boost your hormone levels and help your bone density and beats any cardio and lightweight circuit training that you are probably doing […]

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