Weight Loss Extremes


The final episode of the BBC 4 part documentary series “The Men Who Made Us Thin” aired recently and as always was very eye opening and informative. The final episode covered the frightening world of extreme weight loss products. The claims that some of these products make are ridiculous but what i found most disturbing was “The K-E Diet”. In this “diet” the patient does not eat solid food instead a feeding tube is inserted through the nose which feeds the patient as little as 260 calories a day of mainly protein. This goes on for 10 days and was invented by an Italian doctor in 2006, I think this tells us that just because something is endorsed or even created by doctors does not make it right. The “K-E” refers to ketosis (where the body burns fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates) and in this diet is achieved through the delivery of protein through the tube inserted through your nose which they claim to help you burn fat. This is not the optimum or healthy way to go about getting your body in a state of ketosis. Train Smart Not Hard with its Eat Clean approach recommends utilising the benefits of MCT oil in order to get you into a state of ketosis. This is because MCT oil is metabolised differently bypassing the normal process of digestion and is turned straight into ketones to fuel your brain and body. Starting your day with a cup of Low Toxin Coffee with grass fed butter and MCT oil combined with Intermittent Fasting is much safer and tastier way than the extreme of putting a feeding tube in your nose as in “The K-E diet”. I also think that weight loss experienced on “The K-E diet” is not down to ketosis but the extreme reduction in calories and also it is mentioned that there is no guarantee of keeping the weight off. This is because it is just a temporary quick fix and as I have mentioned before Diets Do Not Work because they do not encourage long term changes in lifestyle. People need to learn that in order to successfully lose weight and achieve their weight loss goals that they need to Eat Clean and be Training Smart Not Hard. Following this method as well as starting your day drinking a cup of Low Toxin Coffee and Intermittent Fasting you can lose weight and keep it off.



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