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Weight Loss Extremes

The final episode of the BBC 4 part documentary series “The Men Who Made Us Thin” aired recently and as always was very eye opening and informative. The final episode covered the frightening world of extreme weight loss products. The claims that some of these products make are ridiculous but what i found most disturbing […]

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Food, Inc

Food, Inc is a documentary about corporate farming and the agricultural business in the United States released in 2008 and if you have not watched it yet you can catch it on Netflix. I think everybody needs to watch this because everybody has the right to know how their food is produced and where it […]

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There was recently an interesting topic on BBC2’s Horizon programme and it is a topic that I am greatly interested in. They called it self monitoring but I know it better as biohacking. This is where you engage with your own body with the ethic of a hacker. For example you can use an app […]

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Exercise for Your Health Not for Weight Loss

The latest episode of the BBC2 show “The Men Who Made Us Thin” recently aired. Episode 2 is all about exercise and weight loss. It is a very good show and I have found it very eye opening. I am amazed at how many people still exercise with the sole aim to lose weight and […]

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Diets Do Not Work

An interesting BBC show called “The Men Who Made Us Thin” has recently began on BBC2. Episode 1 is all about diets. It tells us what a lot of us already know and that is diets do not work. This is because the word “diet” suggests a short term change in behaviour. Yes, initially the […]

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Kerrygold Butter

It has recently been brought to my attention by Dave Asprey of The Bulletproof Executive that 3% of the feed that Kerrygold give to their cows may contain GMO feed. Now Kerrygold is a cornerstone of my diet and nutrition so I was shocked and horrified to find that something that not only I use […]

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