Food, Inc

Food, Inc is a documentary about corporate farming and the agricultural business in the United States released in 2008 and if you have not watched it yet you can catch it on Netflix.

I think everybody needs to watch this because everybody has the right to know how their food is produced and where it comes from.

I found the truths revealed in the documentary to be both shocking and disturbing in a good way.

It made me realise how lucky those of us in Europe are in that the food standards are that much higher than in the United States.

It also made me really think about my food choices and helped me to understand that we have the power to change the system with the choices we make when we purchase food.

We should buy from companies that treat their workers, animals and the environment with respect.

We should learn more about our food and where it comes from by reading the labels, trying to buy in season, buying local and if possible even grow your own.

All in all we all need to start demanding good wholesome food from producers and tighter regulation from our governments regarding food safety standards because they are supposed to protect us and our families.



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