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K-Pop Celebrity Diets – Kwon Yuri

This is the first of a series of posts where I will be addressing the issue of extreme diets that Korean celebrity girl groups put themselves through and why they do more harm than good. This first post will look at Kwon Yuri of Girls’ Generation (SNSD) which is one of Korea’s most popular girl […]

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25 Years of Street Fighter

As I mentioned in my About Me I am a massive nerd and I love video games. One of my favourite video games of all time is the Street Fighter series and it is celebrating its 25th anniversary. That makes me feel really old but my first encounter with Street Fighter was Street Fighter II […]

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Weight Loss Extremes

The final episode of the BBC 4 part documentary series “The Men Who Made Us Thin” aired recently and as always was very eye opening and informative. The final episode covered the frightening world of extreme weight loss products. The claims that some of these products make are ridiculous but what i found most disturbing […]

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Greatest Opening Pitch Ever!

If you have not seen this video that has been going around the internet you need to NOW! Actress and Tae Kwon Do ace Tae-Mi (aka Kim Kyung-sook) executes a beautiful modified 360Β° Jump Spinning Heel Kick. Check it out below. Is that not one of the best opening pitches you have ever seen?! And […]

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