Kerrygold Butter

It has recently been brought to my attention by Dave Asprey of The Bulletproof Executive that 3% of the feed that Kerrygold give to their cows may contain GMO feed. Now Kerrygold is a cornerstone of my diet and nutrition so I was shocked and horrified to find that something that not only I use but recommend to all my friends and family may contain GMO’s. Say it isn’t so. Nowhere on the Kerrygold website do they tell you this. Well, in this day and age everyone is just a Facebook or Twitter message away, so I asked Kerrygold on their Facebook page if it was true that 3% of the feed that they give to their cows may contain GMO’s. Here is the response I got:


As you can see they were very honest and open and state “From time to time a small percentage of this feed may contain GMO” which is disappointing. It was refreshing how honest and open they were about it but lets help them improve their product by giving us the consumer what we want, which is to make the diets of their cows 100% GMO free. So I ask you to sign the petition to try and make Kerrygold butter and the world a little better. For more information visit Dave Asprey’s recent blog post on the subject and sign the petition.


Thank you.



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