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Food, Inc

Food, Inc is a documentary about corporate farming and the agricultural business in the United States released in 2008 and if you have not watched it yet you can catch it on Netflix. I think everybody needs to watch this because everybody has the right to know how their food is produced and where it […]

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There was recently an interesting topic on BBC2’s Horizon programme and it is a topic that I am greatly interested in. They called it self monitoring but I know it better as biohacking. This is where you engage with your own body with the ethic of a hacker. For example you can use an app […]

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Exercise for Your Health Not for Weight Loss

The latest episode of the BBC2 show “The Men Who Made Us Thin” recently aired. Episode 2 is all about exercise and weight loss. It is a very good show and I have found it very eye opening. I am amazed at how many people still exercise with the sole aim to lose weight and […]

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Diets Do Not Work

An interesting BBC show called “The Men Who Made Us Thin” has recently began on BBC2. Episode 1 is all about diets. It tells us what a lot of us already know and that is diets do not work. This is because the word “diet” suggests a short term change in behaviour. Yes, initially the […]

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