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July Training Blog

Oh July what a disappointment~! Tumultuous month indeed~! I’ve gotten back into video games and it’s taken over my life~! I will address this in August and hopefully a few things will align and I’ll be back bigger and better~! Clean: Note to self. Never go a week without lifting a barbell~! Time to be […]

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June Training Blog

June was fire~! Literally~! It reached over 30°C in England~! Training was great but you can bet July will be even better~! Peg board: Dang~! 3 pegboard ascents, 21 thrusters, 2 pegboard ascents, 15 thrusters, 1 pegboard ascent and 9 thrusters~! Deadly~! #crossfit #metcon #couplet #pegboard #thrusters #calistheinics #bodyweight #barbell #rogue #rogueeurope #roguefitness #workoutathome #athomeworkout […]

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May Training Blog

May has been great training wise~! Things are starting to really click and it’s been the CrossFit Games Regional’s to keep me motivated as well~! But just you wait cause June is gonna be fire~! Cleans: So many reasons not to workout today, so glad I did~! Clean complex at 70kg. Followed by heavy single […]

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April Training Blog

April was a great training month~! With the open behind me I’ve been working on my weaknesses and dialing in my tekkers~! I can’t believe it’s now May~! Engine Building: Engine building and working on weaknesses~! 5 rounds: 1 minute as many reps or calories in 1 minute of wall ball shots, ski erg cals […]

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March Training Blog

So March was an fun month~! Training mainly involved Open workouts from this years CrossFit Open 2017~! I don’t know about you but The Open really messes me up~! Although I had fun I’m really glad that its over and I can go back to regular training in April~! Cleans: Just some power cleans before […]

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February Training Blog

Second month into 2017 and things are starting to settle down but it’still a lot of work. My father will be getting a prosthetic soon and hopefully that means he will get back some of his independence which means things will hopefully get easier for me~! I’ve been fitting training in where I can and […]

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January Training Blog

So I’ve been training at home since I’ve had to take my parents in and look after them because they are really sick. Here is all the training I’ve managed to fit into January whilst looking after them and working. Armour Complex: At home workouts~! Can't get to the gym cause of my parents condition~! […]

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Vegetable Pakoras & Guacamole

So, lately I have been cooking a lot of vegetarian food because I have been working with my friend who is a vegetarian~! It has inspired me to look toward other cultures and cuisines because everybody is under the impression that vegetarian food is bland and boring but it is not true~! Below is my […]

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Activated Charcoal

A quick blog post regarding activated charcoal~! Activated charcoal is a highly absorbent material and has been used in medicine for thousands of years to help absorb toxins and improve health. In fact to this day hospitals still use activated charcoal to treat patients who have overdosed or who have been poisoned.      I […]

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