February Training Blog

Second month into 2017 and things are starting to settle down but it’still a lot of work. My father will be getting a prosthetic soon and hopefully that means he will get back some of his independence which means things will hopefully get easier for me~! I’ve been fitting training in where I can and it’s Open season so I’ve been trying to get down to my friends gym to participate with that~! Fun~!

Birthday Armour Complex:


Snatch Complex:

Shoulder Stand Progression:

Rowing and Burpees:

Rowing and Thrusters:

Bear Complex:

Rowing and Overhead Squats:

More Snatching:

Rowing and Cleans:

Clean Complex:

Rowing and Kettlebell Swings:

Yet More Snatches:


So February has been good. I’ve done a lot more training than I thought and even though I’m not known for my engine I was happy with where I got in 17.1 although I should have pushed harder. It’s been a bit of an up and down month mentally with it being my birthday and circumstances the way they are but I can see the light and I’m optimistic for the rest of the year~!


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