May Training Blog

May has been great training wise~! Things are starting to really click and it’s been the CrossFit Games Regional’s to keep me motivated as well~! But just you wait cause June is gonna be fire~!


Working those weaknesses:


Hang Power Cleans:



My Favourite:


Cleans and Presses:

Snatch Complex:

Morning Metcon:

Clean Complex:

Block Snatches:

Block Cleans:

Kicking My Own Ass:

17.1 Retest:

Regional’s Event 5:

EMOM Squats:

Regional’s Event 2:

Powers from the Floor:


100kg Power Jerk:

So stoked about this~! Power Jerk triples at 80kg, 85kg and 90kg followed by a PB at 95kg and 100kg~! I definitely get my strength from my mum who grew up in rural Hong Kong planting fields of rice by hand and my determination from my father who is diligently learning to walk again with his prosthetic leg~! 5 years ago my father started getting sick and I thought that was the end of me and I’d have to give up training to care for him but that’s when I discovered intermittent fasting and hormonal optimisation~! The 8 months ago my father lost his leg and my mum got really sick and I had to take them into my home and care for them whilst working full time~! I thought this really would be the end of me but I found a way to still do what I love~! #crossfit #olifting #olylifting #olympiclifting #weightlifting #jerk #powerjerk #triples #pb #pr #personalrecord #personalbest #rogue #rogueeurope #roguefitness #againfaster #reebok #underarmour #fitness #fit #athomeworkout #athomefitness #workout #workoutathome #strength #power #determination #mother #father #dowhatyoulove

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Regional’s Event 6:

Wow~! So much fitness in May~! I loved it~! Is it really gonna be June~?! Omg~! Bring it on though~!


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