Improve The Quality Of Your Testosterone

This is not an article about how to increase your testosterone levels. This is a concept that I do not believe in. What I believe in is giving your body the correct building blocks to synthesise higher quality testosterone.

The amazing thing about your body is that it will synthesise hormones out of anything you put in it. But if you put crap in you will get crap out. So if you put junk fats in your body it will amazingly try its best to create testosterone out of it but it will be of poor quality.

So in order to improve the quality of your testosterone you want to give your body exactly what it needs to synthesise strong, potent, high quality testosterone. So, what do I need to give my body in order to produce high quality testosterone? That’s easy, FAT! Saturated fat to be more specific and unbeknownst to many, magnesium.

People Β do not realise that they are magnesium deficient. The best way to get magnesium is to absorb it through the skin in the form of oil. This is because it gets absorbed through the skin far more effectively than through the intestine when taken orally.

Also, raw eggs yolks. I know it sounds gross but if you seriously want to improve and optimise yourself you are going have to suck it up and deal with it. Notice how I am specific about just the yolk and not the white. The whites you can discard or give to a friend but the egg yolks are what will improve the quality of your testosterone. This is because the yolks contain the fat and more importantly the cholesterol that you need to create powerful hormones and strong cell walls. Do not believe what you have heard about cholesterol, it is a vital part of our diets and every cell in your body needs cholesterol and it is especially important in the creation of testosterone.

Other great sources of saturated fat are grass fed butter, avocados and coconut oil. They are not just great sources of saturated fat that your body craves but have a whole host of other health benefits.

If you incorporate all these five aspects into your life you will be giving your body exactly what it needs and wants to synthesise stronger more potent testosterone. You will then see yourself becoming leaner, putting on more muscle.

Train Smart Not Hard!


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