Getting the Most Out of Intermittent Fasting

I am back ladies and gentlemen! After months of worry and stress, ups and downs I have finally purchased my first home and have had broadband installed! So, let us begin with a little article on getting the most out of intermittent fasting and what happens when you take it too far.

Intermittent fasting is really catching on right now and mainstream media are all over it and its benefits. This is great however they are not telling you about how to use intermittent fasting optimally for the best results and the potential side effects of fasting for too long a period.

I am one of those people who likes to take things to the extreme and as a good citizen scientist and biohacker it is only right to fully understand all aspects of concept that you are promoting so let me inform you on what I have discovered.

Firstly when you IF for prolonged periods you begin to blunt the response from your body and thus start seeing diminishing results. This is true for a lot of thing but to get the most out of IF it is best to only fast for 2-3 days and then go back to regular eating habits for 3-4 days. When I fasted everyday for months on end I noticed at first I was getting very lean almost developing an 8-pack but then these results diminished as my body got use to IF. This is because our bodies are very clever and as a means of homeostasis tries to keep the body in balance so as I continued to fast for prolonged periods my body adapted to it and the response that I got from IF blunted and I was back to the regular 6-pack. Now that I only fast 2-3 days a week the 8-pack is back!

Now what the main stream media and a lot of people do not tell you is the danger of IF for extended periods of time. The danger when you IF for too long is the development of a ketogenic rash, do not be afraid it is not contagious and is easily cured. It does not itch but it does look unsightly and can hurt when ran under hot water. It is basically a result of being in ketosis for too long a period of time and is easily gotten rid of by breaking the ketosis that is induced by IF by consuming more carbohydrates.

So, there you go, I hope you learn from my mistakes. IF when used correctly is a very powerful tool to help your body to lose fat but like with anything too much can be a bad thing!

Train Smart Not Hard!


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