Getting the Most Out Of Your Nutrition

It is all well and good to follow Train Smart Not Hard and Eat Clean but there is another crucial step in order to achieve your physique goals. In order to get the most out of your nutrition it is vital to detoxify your body, particularly your colon. This is because your colon is responsible for removing waste from out of your body through excretion. It is the last stop in the digestive process and if the colon is working inefficiently waste remains in the body for too long. This means that toxins in the backed up waste could potentially be released into the body which may cause dysfunction and disease. Also these toxins may cause inflammation which explains why you are struggling to shift that last little bit of tyre around your waist. It is therefore vital to detoxify you body and cleanse your colon.

How do I detoxify my body and cleanse my colon? The answer is simple, Green Smoothie!

The Recipe

·         Kale

·         Cucumber

·         Spinach

·         Celery

·         Ginger

·         Parsley

·         Coriander

Put this all in a blender and drink it in the morning for one week, repeat the process every 3-4 months. This will detoxify your body and cleanse your colon. It is important to lightly steam your kale and spinach because high levels of oxalic acid can potentially cause kidney stones. Also this shake is powerful and so you may want to run to the toilet after you have drank it. You have been warned!

With your body cleansed you will now be able to absorb the nutrients from your food better and remove the waste and toxins that have built up in your body more effectively. You should also start to notice once you begin to detoxify your body and cleanse your colon that the tyre around your waist that is caused by inflammation start to shift and you should also see an improvement in your complexion and an overall increase in your vitality. 

Train Smart Not Hard!


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