K-Pop Celebrity Diets – SNSD

In this instalment of celebrity diets I will be looking at everybody’s favourite girl-group, Girls’ Generation. These girls are the envy of every young girl around Asia and, may I dare say, the majority of girls around the globe who have ever heard of them (how can you not have?!) because of their good looks, hot bodies, perfect hair, skin and amazing dance routines.


However, there is a lot of controversy surrounding just how they maintain their physiques and spunky attitudes.

One such controversy suggests that these lovely girls survive on just 800 calories a day in order to maintain their physiques. My main gripe with this is that many young impressionable girls may actually believe this and start obsessing about how many calories they are consuming with the false hope that if they copy such a diet that they will look like the girls of SNSD. Not only is this highly dangerous and may cause severe health issues but it is damn right stupid.

This controversy was soon addressed by Kim Jihoon, SNSD’s personal trainer who revealed the girls actually eat around 2000 calories or more per day. He based this on “activity” and “consumption”, in other words calories in and calories out.

He then mentions that since the girls have busy schedules that there is little room for exercise and if they wanted the girls to lose weight they would in fact only consume 1200-1500 calories per day, varying for each member.

Despite his attempt to address the issue, one thing remains consistent in both of the rumours, calorie counting and calorie restriction.

Calorie restriction will of course make you lose weight but not in the healthy way that you should. Also, we are not machines and the whole calorie in and calorie out concept has long been disproved. So please stop wasting your time counting your calories and do not even bother with counting your macros.

Instead, focus on nutrient timing, Eat Clean and exercise the Train Smart Not Hard way.

I guarantee that these girls are not getting the saturated fats that their bodies need in order to produce high quality hormones that will make them look and feel good, and that their exercise regimes are not giving them the hormonal release that is vital in dictating body composition.

I would love to help these K-pop beauties and show them how easy it is to not only look great but feel great also and to do it in a fun and almost effortlessly way.

Train Smart Not Hard!



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