Activated Charcoal

A quick blog post regarding activated charcoal~! Activated charcoal is a highly absorbent material and has been used in medicine for thousands of years to help absorb toxins and improve health. In fact to this day hospitals still use activated charcoal to treat patients who have overdosed or who have been poisoned.  


i personally use Upgradedā„¢ Coconut Charcoal.

I have been using activated charcoal when I have eaten food of questionable quality to absorb toxins as well as relieve digestive issues, gas and bloating. I have found it to be super effective and highly recommend it!

I do not drink alcohol (anymore) but if I did I would also use activated charcoal to help remove the toxins from drinking, this would help reduce your hangover~! Oh, and it can help whiten your teeth if you are interested~!

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