Save Olympic Wrestling

In 2020 the Olympic sport of wrestling may be dropped from the games. Wrestling is one of the oldest sports known to man and an original Olympic sport.


It teaches a work ethic unparalleled by many sports and is a corner stone of one of my favourite sports which is MMA. It is crazy therefore to think of an Olympic games being without the iconic sport. However without our support wrestling may be replaced by softball, climbing, karate, roller skating, squash, water skiing and even possibly wushu. The Olympics are the pinnacle of a wrestler’s hopes and dreams and without it what does a wrestler have to look forward to? It would devastate the sport which has helped to enrich so many people’s lives and kept many youngsters off the streets and out of trouble. To support the cause please visit Keep Wrestling in the Olympics and Save Olympic Wrestling websites to vote to keep the sport in the games.

Thank you.



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