There was recently an interesting topic on BBC2’s Horizon programme and it is a topic that I am greatly interested in. They called it self monitoring but I know it better as biohacking. This is where you engage with your own body with the ethic of a hacker. For example you can use an app such as the Sleep Cycle alarm clock to monitor your sleep. The app will tell you how long you have slept for and more importantly how many hours of deep sleep (the important kind of sleep) you are getting. You can then use this information to “hack” your own sleep by examining which factors in your own life may have affected your sleep, thus improving the quality of your own sleep. This is something which was previously unavailable to the everyday person as we had no means to monitor ourselves but now there are tons of biohacking apps available on smart phones which we can download to monitor ourselves and biohack our own bodies to improve our own health. I believe that this is the future of health care and that taking our own health into our own hands will not only empower us but make us all healthier.



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